Tye Lombardi

About Tye Lombardi

Tye Lombardi has had a prolific 15-year career in film and television working on horror and fantasy projects like The Ring 2, Hatchet, Z Nation, Sharknado2, 3 and 5, Hansel vs. Gretel, and Sons of Anarchy just to name a few. Her jobs have included screenwriter, costume designer, props fabricator, assistant director, and her favorite: blood slinger. In addition to her work in film and television, Tye has taken the skills and techniques she has learned on set and applied them to the kitchen, crafting disgustingly delicious treats using practical special effects techniques, seamlessly blending food and special effects into mind-bending dishes ripped straight from science fiction and horror. Her creepy edible creations have been featured on Syfy.com, Shudder.com, and Fangoria.com as well as on-screen in Weird City with Michael Cera. Tye is a recipient of a 2017 Saveur Culinary Blogging award, and her Alien’s inspired recipe the “Facehugger Roasted Chicken” went viral internationally, garnering over 4 million views in 5 days, resulting in a feature in the 2018 Ripley’s Believe it or Not: Century of Strange book and a joint project with 20th Century Fox in celebration of the Alien Franchise. Tye now lives full-time in Boise, Idaho but freelances out of Hollywood as a screenwriter and content creator.

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