Dutch Bihary was born to do art. As a youth he dreamed of illustrating comic books. He achieved that dream right out of high school, though it wasn’t as cool as he thought it was going to be. So he soldiered on. Freelance art, Murals, sculpting, Fx makeup, haunted attractions, tattooing, and then landing unexpectedly on body art.


Dutch made his career for nearly 2 decades traveling the world and painting faces and bodies, teaching airbrush masterclasses and holding workshops. Ultimately culminating in being on several TV shows. At present he fabricates large sculptures for theme parks.


At his core, he's an illustrator, and that’s his core, and what he wants to do. Presently, NFTs seem to him to be a sublime way to achieve that, make a name, and enjoy himself whilst making a living in a brave new artistic landscape. But he'll always haunt.

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