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Angus Oblong

Illustrator, Wierdo
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About Angus

Angus Oblong is Creator & Supervising Producer of the animated series, “The Oblongs,” which originally aired on The WB then found a new life in reruns on ADULT SWIM. The Oblongs is also available on DVD! Angus Oblong is author/illustrator of the books, “Creepy Susie & 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children.” After the animated series & published book, Mr. Oblong has focused mainly on creating vast amounts of fine art, making his living selling pieces in galleries across the U.S. and Canada and at live appearances, where he dons creepy clown makeup and insults his fans. His following grows annually and his presence on all forms of social media keep him in direct contact with his fanbase. He even sleeps with them if they ask nicely or pay. Angus Oblong is mentally insane, physically deformed and not dead yet.  

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