Welcome To Idaho Horror & Pop Con!

HHC Events started as The Idaho Haunters Convention in 2019. Before it's first run in August 2021, it became the Idaho Halloween & Horror Convention. Our first year was right after the pandemic restrictions were lifted (30 days) and we had around 500 attendees. In 2022 we expanded our footprint at our venue and occupied every available inch of space. Our 2022 event had just under 1,000 attendees and we couldn't fit anyone else in that venue! In 2023 we expanded to our new home at Expo Idaho under the Horrorween Con theme and have great plans for continued growth in the future. ​

Attendance by the years:

2021 497 Attendees
2022 987 Attendees
2023 2,408 Attendees

Even Better This Year

With over 100 years of combined Event Management and our new amazing marketing partners, we know our 2024 event will be even larger.

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